Tree Service in Lynchburg Virginia

When You Need Help with Trees, Call the Tree Care Pros

The trees on a property help provide shade, clean air, a place for animals to live, and more. Yet, though they grow naturally, they don’t always grow without problems. If you have trees in the yard that may not be growing right or that could cause damage should call our tree service for help. We can also help if the trees just need to be trimmed or if a tree needs to be removed. The right help can prevent many removals, as the trees will be able to grow and stay healthy for many more years.



Tree care professional trimming tree branch with blue chainsaw
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Trees Aren’t Growing Right

Sometimes, trees grow in odd directions. They may lean to try to get more sunlight, grow in too thick and block the grass or plants below from getting enough sunlight, or they might start growing over the house or another building on the property. In any of these instances, trimming the tree might be a good solution. The branches growing in an odd or unsafe direction can be trimmed, and the branches can be thinned out to let more light below. 

Trees Aren’t Healthy

Trees may suffer from pests or diseases, which make them unhealthy. If the problem isn’t taken care of, it’s possible for the tree to fall. An arborist can take a look at the tree and determine what the problem is and how to solve the problem. There may be some instances where the tree can’t be saved, but quick attention to any problems may be able to save the tree so it can be healthy again. 

Trees are Causing an Obstruction

Sometimes, trees end up growing towards something that could be dangerous. It may be growing towards a power line or start to grow too low over the driveway, so there’s a chance of it scratching the car or causing more serious damage if a branch falls. When the tree is causing an obstruction, tree services can trim the tree back, preventing more serious issues. The trimming may need to be done regularly so the obstruction doesn’t occur again. 

Trees Could Cause Damage

As trees grow, some branches will end up falling. During severe storms, larger branches can end up falling and causing serious damage to whatever is below. Depending on where your trees are, this could be the house or vehicles. Our professionals can take a look at the tree to determine if there is any risk and, if so, what can be done to minimize the risk. It may mean trimming the tree or, if the tree is at a high risk of falling, removing the tree. If a tree does need to be removed due to potential damage, a new one can be planted. 


Tree Trimming

Tree trimming will need to be done regularly to make sure the tree remains in good shape, to help the plants below it thrive, and to remove any branches that are dead or dying before they fall. Our tree cutting service can trim any trees on your property, no matter where they’re located. Our tree cutting service can also handle the tree trimming whenever it’s needed, so you don’t have to wait for the best time to have your trees trimmed. 

Tree Removal

Sometimes, despite best efforts to keep a tree healthy and away from anything it could damage, tree removal is needed. Our tree removal service can remove any tree, no matter if it’s close to the house or if it’s already starting to lean. When you contact us for a tree service removal, we will take a look at the tree and plan out the removal, then carefully handle everything to avoid any damage to your property. If the tree has already fallen, we can remove it without causing further damage. 

Stump Removal

The stump is usually still in place once a tree has been removed. It is possible to leave the stump there, but often, that isn’t a good idea. Tree stumps provide homes for pests like ants and termites, so it’s better to have the stump removed. Whether you have an old stump on your property that needs to be removed or you have just had a tree removed, and the stump is still there, our team can handle the stump removal for you. We’ll remove all of the stump, so you can then refill the hole and plant a new tree or different plants. 

Why Call a Pro for Help?

Of course, there are plenty of tools that can be purchased at home improvement stores that allow you to do tree trimming and other care on your own. However, despite the ease of purchasing these tools, it’s still not a good idea to do the tree work on your own. For smaller trees, it may be possible to trim the trees without damage. However, there is a risk of injuries doing any tree-related work, and it’s possible to end up causing damage if the branches don’t fall the way you expected. Instead, let our professionals handle the tree work so you know it’s done right and that you won’t have to worry about the risks. 

The Dangers of DIY Tree Care

Tree work can be dangerous if you try to do it alone or if you do not have any training or experience. Some of the dangers of trying to do the tree care on your own include the following.

  • Serious Injuries – It is all too easy to fall from a ladder while trying to trim a tree without the proper training or safety equipment. It’s also all too easy to end up being injured by the tools used to trim branches or to be hurt by a falling branch. 
  • Serious Damages – Trees and branches don’t always fall the way they’re expected to fall. When this happens, it can lead to serious damages to the property. If a branch falls an unexpected way, for instance, it could fall on the house or a vehicle. 
  • Injured Tree – Trees need to be trimmed carefully. Otherwise, the wound on the tree will not heal properly. This could cause the tree to be susceptible to diseases, which could lead to the death of the tree and to the tree falling.


Cheap, But Good Tree Care?

The quality of care is more important than the cost, but most people will want to save as much money as possible on tree care. The best idea is to work with a company like ours that offers the best tree service at a lower price. Though we may not be the cheapest tree service in the area, we do offer low prices and strive to make sure all of your trees are properly cared for. This means you won’t have to worry about whether the job is done right, and you don’t have to try to do any of the work on your own to save money. 

If you have trees on your property, eventually, they’re going to need care. Most trees will need to be trimmed at some point, and you may end up needing to have a tree removed if it’s dangerous, dying, or otherwise not able to continue growing where it is. Whether you’re looking for regular tree trimming or you need one-time help, Lynchburg Tree Care is ready to help you care for the trees in your yard. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer or to get a quote for any of the services you might need.